The designers and manufacturers of the original Transformer Inline Ice Blades that convert your Inline Skates into Ice Skates in minutes…


We strongly believe in versatility and in fact that season changes should not stop you from enjoying riding your favorite inline skates. Get your rollerblades on ice with our Transformer Inline Ice Blades and enjoy the sport year round. Designed in Canada with skaters in mind…

  • Are you looking for a way to use your favorite inline skates all year round?
  • Have you been searching for an easy solution to convert your inline skates into ice skates?
  • Would you prefer to invest into one good pair of skates, instead of two pairs of average inline and ice skates?
  • Then your search is over…

We have introduced the first Inline Ice Blades back in 2011 and since then these ice blades are used by thousands of professional and recreational skaters from all around the world.

Currently, there are 4 types of the Transformer Ice Blades that are designed for various types of skating: Freestyle, Hockey, Aggressive and Figure. Our products are available only through pre-authorized retail locations worldwide that can be found at this page. Please visit our Photo Gallery and Video Gallery for more ideas and test videos.


New redesigned Transformer Inline Ice Blades V2

We are proud to announce that the new redesigned Transformer Inline Ice Blades V2 are available at your local pro-shops and online!!! We have significantly improved the packaging, extended the blades for better balance, improved the cutting edges for better stability and speed!!! To make it even better the Freestyle, Hockey and Figure blades are […]

Freestyle Rockered ice blade is available soon!!!

A new addition to the Transformer Ice Blades is available soon! A specially designed Freestyle blade that is designed to fit Rockered (Banana) inline 243mm frames. Up until now, installing ice blades on pre-rockered frames required a purchase of the plastic spacers and cutting off some of the grooves. Now, these specially adjusted frames will […]